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What is the Best Metal to Scrap for Money?

What is the Best Metal to Scrap for Money?

Metal scrap recycling has been one of the most profit making industry in recent years. With the rapid increase in the global warming people have turned to finding ways to save planet, and metal recycling is one such way. However, metal scrap recycling is not just highly beneficial for the environment it is equally profitable. 

Scrap metal is one the most valuable resource. And if you have any metal item lying around in your garage there’s a good chance that it might be worth a lot of money. But sadly, a lot many people have little to no knowledge about the metal scrap industry that is booming more than ever.

So with this article let’s dig into the details of metal scrap industry and much more.

Types of Metal Scrap

To begin with, to be aware of the basic difference between the metal types and their worth in scrap market would be a good start. To cut it short basically metal scrap is divided into two types: Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metal scrap are iron-based metal products that are lesser in worth as compared to non-ferrous metals.

On the other hand, non-ferrous metals like Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Lead, Silver, Gold and other such stuff made out of these metals are worth a lot more than the things made of ferrous metals.

Further is the list of such high-priced non-ferrous metals and some best metal items to scrap for money.

The Best Metal to Scrap for Money

Here is a list of some of the best metal scrap which could be turned into some serious cash:


The best metal to scrap for money is undoubtedly copper. It is the most highly-priced metal in the list of non-ferrous metals. Due to its conductivity and flexibility and other promising characteristics copper is used in almost every electric device.

Fans, motors, wires, tubes and so on are few of the available sources of copper scrap. Most water pipes in kitchens and washroom are made of copper. So, next time you renovate your house keep these pipes aside to scrap it later instead of throwing.


The second metal on this list is aluminum. It is the most readily available metal among others, look around and you will find a thing made of aluminum. It is still the most sought-after metal for scrap. One reason is that aluminum is used in many different industries for making variety of different products. These items ranges from the smallest soda cans, food cans, pots and pans to window frames, doors, lawn chairs and even large vehicles.

And, whereas it is the most commonly found metal, it is still the best metal to scrap for good money. So keep storing the cans from today and take it to the scrap yards like Botany Scrap Metal Recycling to get the best prices for your aluminum products.


Although brass is not as commonly found like aluminum and copper, you can still find it at your homes. The doorknobs, door hinges, candlesticks, trophies, spring in the beds are all the brass items that are normally used at homes which can be later scraped. And because the brass items are not readily available, scrap dealers might even pay high-prices for such items.

The brass made products are easily detected due to their golden color much like gold. So, whatever metal item you find at home which isn’t gold there’s a good chance of it to be made up of brass.

Stainless Steel

Though stainless steel is thought to be less valuable than the other three metals listed above it still has a worth of its own in the scrap market. Since it is the most abundantly found metal around, it is common to underestimate the value of stainless steel as scrap.

Nonetheless, stainless steel can be found in large volumes in the items like refrigerators, cars, microwave, taps and pipes and other kitchen equipment. Hence, you can still get a promising amount for selling such heavy items made of stainless steel.


Lead is one of the rarest of all high-priced non-ferrous metals thus, it is as highly demanded by scrap dealers. Lead is not usually used in the everyday items but if you get lucky to get your hands on a lead-made item do save it and carefully send it to a scrap yard later.

Recycling lead saves up to 95% of the expense and energy that is consumed in digging out raw lead. Thus, manufacturers prefer to buy it from scrap rather than making all the effort. Therefore, it is always in high-demand at the scrap yard and is one the best metals to scrap for money.

In the End

To sum it all, before you decide to renovate your house or office and throw all the trash away wait for a minute and see if there are any such items that are made of copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel or lead. If luckily find some DO NOT THROW THEM AS JUNK. These are one of the most highly demanded metals at the scrap yards. There is a good chance you can earn a pocketful of money out of these junk items you planned to throw in the first place.

In a nutshell, stop throwing out metal items and start making money.

To get the best prices for your metal items in the scrap market contact Botany Meta Scrap Recycling, which knows the actual worth of your useless junk.