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Most Valuable Scrap Metal

Not all scrap is created equal. Knowing what to look for will help maximize your profits when you recycle your scrap metal. Knowing which is most valuable scrap metal will help you decide how best to use your time, especially if you don’t have the manpower or time to recycle them all.

What are the most valuable scrap metals?

It is important to know what scrap metals have the highest value so that you can focus your efforts on the items that will bring you the greatest return from metal scrapyard. Although the price of scrap metals can fluctuate depending on where you live and what is the current value of that scrap at the time you are scraping, some metals are more valuable than others.

While ferrous metals, which contain iron, are more easily recycled, non-ferrous metals are still readily available if one knows where to find them. They are also much more valuable. These are the three types you should be paying attention to:


Copper is, on average, the most valuable metal to scrap. Copper is worth several dollars per pound regardless of how the price fluctuates, which makes it more valuable than most other metals. Copper is used in many manufacturing and industrial applications so you could earn a good amount of cash from copper scrap.


Although brass is a precious metal it can be scrapped for its high value due to its rarity. Due to the compound of copper, zinc and other metals, brass costs more than other metals. Recycling brass can save manufacturers a lot of money. So it can help you to get a profit if you are going for brass scrap


Aluminum is a common metal. It can be tempting to ignore it, but it’s a great scrap material. Aluminum’s per-pound price is very low but you can easily get large quantities if you find it properly. Aluminium scrap can help you make quite a bit of money quickly.


Although lead scrap can be very profitable when it is recycled, it can be difficult to find this source of non-ferrous metal. It is important to take precautions when reusing pure lead scrap. This is because it can contaminate the environment with high levels of toxic substances. Because lead products are heavy, it can be difficult to transport. Scrap lead is often in high demand so it’s worth the effort to find and transport.

You can arrange for scrap lead, or any other type of ferrous or nonferrous scrap metal to be picked up at your home via Botany Scrap Metal pickup service.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most common metal found in Australia. Because there is so much stainless steel, it is often considered less valuable. Buy stainless steel’s intrinsic value is driven up by its inclusion of other metals like chromium or chrome (10% or greater), nickel molybdenum, iron and others. The amount of nickel in the alloy will determine the value of different grades of scrap stainless steel.

Stainless steel is often found in kitchen appliances, whitegoods, and other kitchen equipment. It can also be found in some parts and machinery in factories and warehouses. Remember that scrap yards will offer you a lower price for oily or greased stainless steel than you would get for clean stainless.

If you want a better understanding of the metals, request a free quote for the price updates to keep with the latest scrap metal prices.

Where are these valuable scrap metal found?

  • Copper can be found in pipes, utility lines and wires. Copper can also be found in all types of electronic environments. Copper can be used in pipes, shavings, or old roofing.
  • Brass can be difficult to find, but you will still find it in plenty of places. Brass is generally found in doors that have a lock or a knob. You should be aware of radiators and door handles if you work in the automotive industry. Brass can also be found in pipes and faucets. Keep your plumbing materials aside for salvaging.
  • Aluminum can be found in many of the same places as other metals, and it is most likely to be the easiest. Aluminum is a common metal. Aluminum is found in pipes, wiring, and roofing.

Botany Scrap Metal has the Recycling Experts to Help You

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