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How To Make Money By Scrapping Metal

While it’s great to Make Money By Scrapping Metal, if your goal is to turn a regular profit, you will need to have a strategy beyond just collecting your household’s waste metal. We offer some tips this week on how to take your scrapping metal sales to the next level, and make serious cash. Many people bring just a scrap bucket to the scrapyard and expect to get the lowest amount possible for their scrap. People don’t know how to make money by scrapping metal. It is possible to make extra money from scrapping metal. You are already putting in effort so you should get the best price. Botany Scrap Metal will not only buy your scrap metal but also ensure you get top dollar. Here are some ways you can make the most of your scrap metal.

Separate Your Scrap

Scrap yards will consider your scrapping metal as the lowest-priced metal unless it is separated. If you have a scrap yard owner who has a bin full of aluminum, copper, or brass, they will offer you aluminum prices even if copper prices are higher. You’ll make more money by separating each metal, as you will get higher prices for rare metals.  You can separate your scrap by placing different containers in your garage.

Prioritize Valuable Metals

Although the pile of iron sheeting you have collected may look very valuable, it doesn’t really matter how big you are. You’re unlikely to get more than a ten-dollar note for your efforts. Every scrap collector who is serious about collecting scrap metal knows that finding more valuable, scarce metals such as copper and brass is the best way to make money. These metals are more difficult to find, but can be worth 50 times more than common metals such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Keep Up-to-Date With The Most Recent Scrap Prices

Scrap prices, like all things on the market fluctuate and are subjected to supply and demand. To get a fair deal, it’s worth paying attention to the scrap prices in your area.

Your Local Tradies Are Worth Your Friendship

You can make a steady income from scrap sales if you are open to other opportunities. It is possible to work with local tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians that regularly remove scrap metal. You could also offer to remove scrap metal from construction companies or medical care centers such as retirement homes, assisted living centers, and doctor’s offices.

Learn About Metal Grading Systems

Many types of metal can be divided into grades according to their purity and whether the buyer will have to treat the metal in any way to make it usable again. You can learn more about the various grades of metal and the relative values to help you make better decisions about where you look for it and what you collect. Metal men are the best scrap buyer if you’re serious about earning money for scrap metal. We will accept any scrap metal, and we promise fair and competitive pricing.

Where Can You Find The Metal?

There are many places you can find scrap metal. People sometimes just toss it because they don’t know its value. Flyers can be handed out door-to-door to let people know you are interested in scrap metal. You can also go inside buildings or demolition sites to find metal, if circumstances permit. To collect metal, you will need permission to enter property. You could face prosecution for theft if you don’t get permission.

Are You Looking For A Place To Take Your Metal?

Once you have separated and collected your metals you are ready to cash in. You will need to bring your items to the scrap yard. Although a scrap yard is different from a junkyard in many ways, it’s still very similar to a junkyard. While they may appear identical to one another, scrap yards are focused on selling and buying metal. Junkyards can have a wide range of other items. In the past, junkyards were also used to store auto parts and wreckage. It is a good idea to contact your local scrap yard to find out the best price for the metal. You will most likely find them all to be comparable. You may get a check or cash from some yards.


It can be difficult to pay your bills when times are hard. You need to find ways to quickly make money so you don’t go into debt. If you have to pay a bill, there are many options for making quick cash. Botany Scrap Metal is a family-owned scrap metal business that is based in Australia. Our staff of experts have many years of expertise in the field and we offer amazing prices for all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metal. We are the industry leaders in scrap metal recycling in Australia and we’ll pay you good cash for the scrap you have. Contact us today for fast and courteous service.