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Copper Scrap

Botany Copper Service

Copper Scrap Recycling – Botany Scrap Metal

Botany Scrap Metal comes with an innovative copper scrap recycling technology. We provide the best-rated service in this Industry. Our service is spread in several areas, and we collect all the small and bid budget products.

Copper Scrap Recycling

Copper Scrap Collection and Transportations

Botany Scrap comes with a trained team that will collect all your products from your places efficiently. And conduct all the recycling procedures.

All Metal Storing and Separations

Our primary objective is to provide the best value to our buyers and clients. So, we believe in the proper storage and separation from all unwanted materials.

Copper Metal Processing and Shredding

To develop all the processing units, it’s crucial to shred all the materials in small pieces. It’ll help in boosting the further melting process shortly.

Metals Melting

Botany Scrap is here to melt all the shred metals properly. All the small shreds are carried to a large furnace; all the metal will be melted down there.

Metals Purification

Metal purification is essential to make all the rated products. So, to build a product or others, this step needs to follow up.

Metals Solidifying

All the melted metal is cooled and solidified. Now, all those scrap metals are transferred to a specific shape that would be round, bar, rods, or others. All these can be used as the raw material for the production of various metal products.

Selling Recyclable Metals

When all those copper scrap metal becomes ready to use, it’ll be sold to different factories, vendors, and manufacturers to manufacture all the rated and innovative items.

Pick Up Scrap Metal and Free Bin Services

Botany Scrap Metal provides you with the pickup scrap metal service. Just give us a  call, and you’ll get all these services on your own.

It comes with free Bin services as well. Botany Scrap carries all the bins to your locations to pick all your unwanted scrap metals in this service.

Single Call Service with Efficiency

Botany Scrap Metal will provide you with a single call service. You need to place a call; we will automatically reach you and take all the details about your scrap metals.

Our super speedy team will reach you and collect all the unwanted scrap metal from your places. We are the best and speedy scrap metal recycling company.

Free Transportations and 24/7 Customer Care

From Botany scrap Metal, you’ll get free transportation services. It does not matter how much scrap you have! Either it would be ten kg or tons. You’ll get free transportations and truck services from our side.

Customer satisfaction is our primary priority. So, from Botany Scrap metal, you’ll get a 24/7 customer care service. And, this will enhance your user experience.

Best Copper Scrap Metal Prices

From us, you’ll get the best copper scrap metal prices. You won’t get this price from any other companies.

We are the biggest scrap metal buyers in the Industry. Botany Scrap will buy all the rated products from your side and provide you with efficient services. 

So, you should try our services!

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