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What is Aluminum Recycling? A Complete Guide

What is Aluminum Recycling? A Complete Guide

The industry of aluminum recycling is becoming increasingly vital for the economy of Australia in regards to manufacturing, protecting the environment and many more. Learn more in this guide for what is aluminum recycling..

The History Of Aluminum

Have you ever wondered if none of us 200 years ago knew of the existence of Aluminum Recycling? A Complete Guide? It’s difficult to believe given how aluminum is present in almost every place nowadays – in cans and other packaging, window frames and in vehicles.

Actually, the element was not discovered until 1825, despite it being among the more commonly used elements on the earth. This is due to the fact that aluminum in its purest form, is not found in the natural world. A chemical that is inherently reactive that is typically located as an amalgamation of different substances within an ore that is red and brown, called Bauxite.

To extract aluminum from bauxite, the ore has to be melted using the cryolite mineral. Then, it is subjected to the current, which separates oxygen atoms from the aluminum metal.

It is important to note that this process takes 4 tonnes of bauxite in order to make one tonne of aluminum. It is extremely costly in terms of the energy used and the cost. The recycling of aluminum requires only 5 percent of the energy required to create the main metal.  It’s no wonder then that aluminum recycling has grown so popular.

The Recycling Of Aluminum Industry In The Present Day

Today, aluminum is a commodity that is well-understood. It can be easily recognized by an industry well-equipped for its recycling and also knows the metal’s economic and manufacturing value.

The recycling of metals collaborates with local councils to ensure that the most amount of aluminum is taken from the waste stream and used in other applications. This is why it is thought that 75% of the aluminum produced is still in circulation.

This precious metal is generally classified into two basic kinds: new aluminum scrap and old scrap. New aluminum scrap (usually made up in the form of leftovers left over from production or fabrication processes) is estimated to have a 90% recycling rate, however old aluminum scrap (from earlier end-of-life products such as packaging and engineering, building and so on) is recycled at a rate of 75%.

The aluminum industry is a noteworthy example because of the quantity of recycled material made by reusing aluminum. The amount of secondary aluminum is far greater than demand because an important export industry is being developed for scrap aluminum , a large proportion of that is set up to trade with China.

Recycled Aluminum Is A Great Resource

Recycling and salvaging aluminum can be used in a variety of products and final-uses.

Aluminum used in the construction and building industry is recycled at approximately 92-98 percent. In the same way, aluminum from cars and other automobiles is recycled at 95%. The rate of recycling for what is aluminum Recycling? a Complete Guide packaging has been reported as 42%. This is an insignificant number compared to other materials but still well over the 40% threshold set under UK law.

What Are The Advantages Of Recycling Aluminum

  • The biggest advantage of recycling aluminum is that it is able to be reused a countless number of times, which makes it the perfect material to meet the demands of both industries that are demanding and people who wish to conserve the environmental balance. Aluminum is often reused several times over years.
  • Alongside being infinitely recyclable, aluminum can be described as “wholly recyclable” too – that means it can be demolished and then reformed with no loss of properties. It’s the reason it’s said that three quarters of all the aluminum produced since its rise at the end of the 19th century, is being used to this day!
  • Recycling aluminum is also extremely efficient in terms of energy use. Recycling just one ton of aluminum can save approximately nearly nine tons of CO2 emission that could have otherwise been released to the air. Recycling more aluminum and reducing the amount of waste, we will avoid mining fresh ore called bauxite that is required to make new aluminum.
  • Within Australia a huge amount of aluminum cans are sold annually that contain drinks such as soft drinks and fruit juices , in addition to food items from the pantry. If you think about the fact that these cans could be reused again repeatedly, you’ll discover how much energy and raw materials could be saved through the process.
  • It is believed that the whole recycling process for a drink can, from recycling to being ready to re-sold in stores and supermarkets takes only two months. In the course of a year, each aluminum beverage can is recycled 7 or 8 times.
  • Even more impressive, the strength of the structure of aluminum regardless of the number of recycling cycles it has – is why it’s a suitable material for use in high-end projects. It’s feasible for aluminum that has been used to create a beautiful façade on a building for example and then to be repurposed into an engine for a vehicle, with no loss of the quality of the material.

The Value Of Scrap Aluminum

Like other scrap metals, the value of aluminum fluctuates dramatically depending on the world market that fluctuates every day. The reason for this fluctuation is due to many factors, including the national supply and demand and your locale (if you live in a region with a manufacturing and heavy industry economy, for instance).

However, it is essential to understand that aluminum scrap is desired and intrinsically beneficial to legitimate dealers of scrap metal. These companies should pay per kg or per ton for a broad range of goods, from cabling and cans to plates, radiators and various alloys based on aluminum.

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