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All About Aluminium Can Recycling

Each can that is recycled through aluminium can recycling will result in more resources that are accessible at a lower cost. Although the economic benefits are clear however, there are millions of tones of aluminium cans each year which are being dumped on the roadsides or in dumpsters. They are also disposed of in the office trash bins.

The typical employee drinks 2.5 aluminium cans of drinks per day. Due to this, some workplaces have implemented recycling programs, which include bins in hallways, break rooms and in offices. This stops aluminium cans from settling in the garbage and redirects them to recycling centers where they ought to be (so that they can be reused and put back on shelves in just sixty days). It takes just six weeks to make, fill, recycle, and sell, and manufacture a new beverage can. Aluminium cans that are used are recycled and then resold on a store stand as a new container in just 60 days

Advantages Of Recycling Aluminium

  • Aluminium can be recycled for the rest of time. It is never worn out. Aluminium cans are simple to transform into new cans and put back on the shelves of stores. Recycling cans is less than making a brand new can. 
  • Aluminium Can is 100% recyclable.
  • The amount of aluminium cans that are easily surpasses 60 billion containers. 
  • The energy savings derived from recycling aluminium cans is similar to the savings that comes from about fifteen million barrels of crude oil, which is comparable to the amount of gasoline consumed in a day. 
  • Recycling 40 Aluminium cans is the same energy savings as the equivalent of one gallon fuel.
  • Aluminium cans are the most popular consumer product which is the one that is recycled most.
  • Aluminium is a valuable commodity which is why it offers an economic incentive to individuals and companies to recycle. Some communities offer curbside pickup to recycle.
  • Recycling one aluminium container is about the same as keeping a light bulb of 100 watts burning for around four hours, or keeping the television on all day long for 3 hours.
  • Recycling aluminium can reduce the amount that ends in garbage dumps by more than 55 percent.
  • Recycling aluminium can save more than 95 percent of the power required to manufacture cans.
  • As opposed to plastics, you do not need to take off labels on paper or scrub the can to clean. The heat generated during the melting process gets rid of any of the pollutants.
  • Recycling one tone of aluminium can save 10,3 cubic meters of waste space.
  • Recycling cans can be turned into furniture, aircrafts as well as appliances.

Disadvantages of Recycling Aluminium

  • One of the major negatives that recycling  aluminium has is the requirement for separation from plastic, steel and other debris.
  • If aluminium is recycled continuously, it loses its quality. Therefore, a product that is made from new aluminium is more expensive than the recycled one.
  • The process is lengthy and is expensive. It is expensive to use energy for reprocessing and transportation of materials.


Facts About Aluminium Cans

  • If a magnet doesn’t stick to the food container It’s likely to be aluminium.
  • If you are looking to maximize your recycling budget ensure that the containers are dry and clean.
  • In the event of washing aluminium cans, it can aid in preventing the odors of insects and also odors.
  • Do not mix aluminium pie plates or tin, steel scrap metal, or any other substances to be mixed with Aluminium.
  • Demand for aluminium has been rising and this means that companies that specialize in recycling aluminium are transforming and expanding their operations to meet the demands of customers’ requirements for their products and the demands for the markets.
  • Businesses and residents of apartments are required to recycle not just aluminium containers as well as steel, various metals, and even office paper. The higher the amount of recycling happens, the more affordable it is to reuse in the future, which makes the product more affordable and, in turn, the production of this product is less expensive.

Benefits of Aluminium Recycling Cans:

In addition to the obvious green benefits including enormous reductions in energy consumption (95 percent reduction in the energy required to make aluminium from the bauxite ore) as well as the reduction of natural resources and less water pollution (97 percent reduction over the process of making the new material from mines) there several advantages of Aluminium recycling such as:

  • Aluminium Can Recycling helps reduce the cost of disposal (since the aluminium cans are taken out of the trash stream).
  • Aluminium Can  Recycling helps generate profits from the sale of aluminium cans that are recycled. Aluminium.
  • Aluminium Can Recycling helps reduce costs of labor associated with handling of aluminium cans during the disposal of waste.
  • Aluminium Can Recycling helps with the streamlining of all waste processing processes.
  • Aluminuim Can Recycling helps free space (used to store the temporary storage of aluminium cans).
  • Aluminium Can Recycling helps improve work safety and cleanliness.